New Roofing Makeover Ideas

Bringing Life To Your Roof

A roof is one of the most prominent parts of your house structure. It protects your floors and walls from damage because they would be exposed to the elements. One of the best ways to increase your home value is to makeover your roof. A makeover is a great way to extend the life of your roof.

If you are thinking about a makeover, there are various options available to your including:

  • Restoration
  • Roof repairs
  • Roof replacement
  • High pressure cleaning


Roof Restorations

If you notice that your roof has deteriorated, one of the options  available to you is restoration. It allows you to extend the life of  your life. A restoration company can help you identify the best way to  make your roof last longer. This option is a great choice if you have  a tiled roof. Metal roofing is a good idea if you want to restore your  roof. You can use metal roofs to replace some of the old sheets on your roof instead of replacing the entire roof. If some of the tiles  on your roof have faded, chipped or broken, tiled roof restoration is  another option that you can consider.

A roofing specialist can re-point or re-bed your roof to makes it look as good as new.

High Pressure Cleaning

A makeover can also be as simple as cleaning your roof to remove any grime or dirt that may have accumulated on your roof. The cleaning will involves removing any lichen, algae, and moss that have grown on the roof. Green lichen is especially common on tiled roofs and this can affect your home’s appearance. Once the cleaning is done, repainting is another option that you can consider to improve the general appearance.

Some of the color options available include:

  • Blues
  • Dark brown and purples
  • Grey tones
  • Light browns and pinks
  • Dark brown and pink
  • Oranges and shades of pink
  • Pastel greens
  • Soft Purples


Roof Repairs

A makeover is also a great choice if you notice sagging and leaking on your roof. If you have a metal roof, you need to renail or replace the sheets. For tiled roofs you need to replace any damaged or cracked tiles and mortar. If your metal roof is several years old, you will need to replace some of the valleys and surfaces that may be rusted. You need to consult a roofing expert to identify the specific problem and carry out necessary repairs. It is important to note that some of the problems may be difficult to detect and this is why it is advisable to hire an expert to inspect your roof every once in a while.

Roof Replacement

A makeover can also involve replacing the entire roof if it cannot be restored or reroofed. This is an expensive option but the benefits usually outweigh the costs. During the restoration you need to think
about ventilation and insulation. If you think your roof needs a makeover, you can either restore it, carry out repairs or replace it. Consult a roofing specialist to make sure you use the right options based on your needs.