Decking & Patios

Decking and Patios for Homes in Australia

Every homeowner in Australia knows how exterior look of a home is important. It plays considerable role in growth and overall aesthetic value of the property. In addition, it increases the value of the property. Therefore, upgrading and improving it is needed regularly. This is the case with decking and patios for homes – Australia. These components will surely boost its curb appeal and aesthetic appeal in an exponential appeal.

Best decking options for homes in Australia

  • Pressure treated yellow pine. The estimated cost of this type of deck is about 20 to 30 Australian dollars per square feet inclusive of installation.
  • Cedar or redwood deck. This goes for about 25 to 35 dollars per square feet with complete installation
  • Vinyl and compositing decking. It is slightly expensive for goes for about 35 to 50 dollars inclusive of installation


Best patio Options for Australian Homes

  • Plain concrete. This is very affordable and generally requires less maintenance. This costs about 7 dollars per square foot
  • ·Stamped concrete. This is embedded with pattern and color to mimic natural stone. It costs as from 10 to 15 dollars per square foot
  • Concrete patio pavers. This are manufactured concrete stones, which interlock to mimic look of natural stone. Costs about 15 to 25 dollars
  • Real stone. This is very expensive and very durable. Costs about 22 to 33 dollars per square foot
  • Brick. It is easy to install and affordable. This varies from one part of Australia to another.

Adding a Deck: Advantages

Decking gives your home a great look. Majority of homeowners prefer it to a patio because it adds the architectural interest to the backyard. Decks have been known to increase the resale value of property. In fact, if you sell your home even after three months of installing a deck, you are likely to get huge portion of investment back in selling price. In addition, decks are perfect for uneven terrain. It is a smart idea to install one if you have a sloped backyard as there is no extensive grading or ground work needed.

Building a Patio: Advantages

The cost of installing a patio is relatively inexpensive compared to decking for same amount of space. Patios require minimal maintenance as there is no staining or sanding needed. Occasional sealing is important to make it more durable, but it is not crucial and can be done on an annual basis. It is also important to note that no permitting is required with patio constructions. However, if you are building second-story patio, you will not need a permit in any part of Australia.

What to ensure

When thinking of adding a new deck or building a patio, it is important to hire the services of professional contractors. Reasons being; there are some types of tasks, which ensure durability of your patio and your deck. Some of them include measurements, securing the materials,  leveling the terrain and following council guidelines. These are tasks that can be very difficult for the beginners. It is a good idea to use high quality materials for both decks and patios as they will withstand harsh weather conditions and recommended for children safety.