Renovate Your Home To Sell

Renovate Your Home To Sell

Thinking of selling? Maximise Property Value

Renovate To Sell Your Home

Renovating a house in order to enjoy it for the next 10 or 30 years can quite be enjoyable. On the other hand, renovating with an intention of selling it the following month isn’t so enjoyable. You aren’t sure how much cash you should spend as you are caught in some kind of indeterminate state. You fear that if you spend too little, your property may look cheap; and if you spend too much, your money may simply go down the drain. Regardless, renovating a house before selling it is a very good and recommended idea.

Why Is Renovating A Great Idea?

Renovating a house before selling it can increase its value, and thus enable you to get more money from selling it. The two major goals of renovating to sell include:i. Selling the property quickly.ii. Selling it at the desired price. Renovating tides up the house before it is put on the market.

Some of the Renovation Ideas

Increase the value of your property with these suggestions.

  • Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is considered as the “heart of the home” by a good number of people. On condition that you do not overboard, it is possible to recover over 60% of the money that is invested in kitchen remodeling. Make sure you don’t make it fancier than the entire house, or even the neighborhood. If you intend to sell your house within the next 3-5 years, keep in mind that many people can’t pay for a fancy and luxurious kitchen. Painting the kitchen with modern colors is relatively cheap and can update its look. You may also replace the old appliances with energy efficient models.

  • Adding another Bathroom

This can enable you recover a large amount of your investment. Find room for the extra bathroom by looking at the underutilized spaces or any of the extra rooms. A full bath requires at least 30 sq ft whereas the half-bath requires at least 18 sq ft. A bathtub requires an area that is not less than 35 sq ft.

  • Add Energy Efficient Doors

Nowadays, many home buyers prefer homes with energy efficient windows to ones with the old draft single-pane windows. A house that is energy efficient can save the owner some good amount of money on cooling and heating costs.

  • Update the Home’s Basics

Some of the basic updates of a home which can increase its value include keeping the paint fresh, replacing rotten wood, fixing any leaking roof, and removing any mold. All these projects can keep your home in an excellent shape so that buyers view it as “a well-cared-for home”.

  • Try Adding a Deck

Many home buyers love outdoor living spaces. A house with an appealing deck and backyard attracts more home buyers than the one without. You can do this work by yourself or by hiring a contractor.

Tips and Advice

When renovating to sell in Australia, it doesn’t matter whether you understand the whole process well or not. Below are some of the tips you can consider when embarking on such a project.

  • Maintain a clear path

Any setback in your path can affect your time-frame as well as the budget.• Get a pencil and draw sketches of how you expect each stage of the renovation to be constructed. This will help you visualize and understand the process and time it may take for each stage to reach completion.

  • Make a budget for your renovation project

Home Renovations Budget

Don’t ever spend more than 10% of the original cost of the house. The cost of the entire renovation project depends on the additions and accessories that you choose to add. Renovating to sell can be an expensive and difficult business. Before launching the renovations, make sure that the expenses and disruptions are justified.